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XF0106-EFD25S Datasheet pdf image
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XF0106-EFD25S Datasheet pdf image
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Coilcraft lnc.
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FLYBACK Transformers
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FLYBACK Transformers
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MPS Industries, Inc.
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FLYBACK Transformer
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FLYBACK Transformer
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FLYBACK Transformer
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Coilcraft lnc.
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FLYBACK Transformer
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FLYBACK Transformer
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FLYBACK Transformer
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FLYBACK Transformer
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FLYBACK Transformer
A9619-CL Datasheet pdf image
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FLYBACK Transformers
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FLYBACK Transformers
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FLYBACK Transformer
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FLYBACK Transformer
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Rhombus Industries Inc.
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FLYBACK Transformer
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FLYBACK Transformer
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FLYBACK Transformer is one of the components that plays an important role in electronic components and power electronics. Flyback transformers are mainly used in switching mode power supplies (SMPS) or in the high-voltage section of televisions and monitors.

The main role of the flyback transformer is to convert the input voltage to high voltage. These transformers are mainly used for:

Televisions and Monitors: Flyback transformers generate high voltage in CRT (light refracting tube) televisions and monitors, supplying the electron summation tube and high voltage to display images on the screen. In modern LCD and LED monitors, other technologies are used instead of these transformers.

Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS): In SMPS, which powers computers and other electronic devices, a flyback transformer converts the input voltage to DC and produces the output voltage through high-frequency switching.

Flyback transformers are suitable for high efficiency and compact designs for high voltage conversion and are used in many applications.

A flyback transformer operates primarily as a transformer and consists of a switching circuit that controls the input and output voltages. Flyback transformers are one of the important components in power electronics, especially in applications that require high voltages.

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