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CLOCK Datasheet, PDF

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ManufacturerPart No.DatasheetDescription
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Potato Semiconductor Co...
PO74G38074A Datasheet pdf image
478Kb / 5P
3.3V 1:4 CMOS CLOCK Driver
PO74G38072A Datasheet pdf image
481Kb / 5P
3.3V 1:2 CMOS CLOCK Driver
PO49FCT1816 Datasheet pdf image
546Kb / 6P
4X1:4 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO49FCT3802A Datasheet pdf image
566Kb / 6P
3.3V 1:5 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO74G553A Datasheet pdf image
538Kb / 6P
3.3V 1:4 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO74G2308A Datasheet pdf image
609Kb / 7P
3.3V 1:8 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO49FCT32802G Datasheet pdf image
524Kb / 6P
3.3V 1:5 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO74G2309A Datasheet pdf image
554Kb / 6P
3.3V 1:9 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO49FCT32803 Datasheet pdf image
549Kb / 6P
3.3V 1:7 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO49FCT32807 Datasheet pdf image
546Kb / 6P
3.3V 1:10 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO74G304A Datasheet pdf image
584Kb / 6P
3.3V 1:4 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO74G2305A Datasheet pdf image
394Kb / 5P
3.3V 1:5 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO49FCT3807B Datasheet pdf image
637Kb / 7P
3.3V Dual 1:10 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO49FCT3805B Datasheet pdf image
660Kb / 7P
3.3V Dual 1:5 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO74HSTL314A Datasheet pdf image
587Kb / 7P
3.3V 2:4 Differential CLOCK/Data Fanout Buffer
PO49FCT3802A Datasheet pdf image
1Mb / 6P
1.2V - 3.6V 1:5 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO74G2305A Datasheet pdf image
1Mb / 5P
1.2V - 3.6V 1:5 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO100HSTL11A Datasheet pdf image
553Kb / 6P
1 to 2 Differential CLOCK/Data Fanout Buffer
PO49FCT32805 Datasheet pdf image
564Kb / 6P
3.3V Dual 1:5 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver
PO49FCT3804 Datasheet pdf image
542Kb / 6P
3.3V Dual 1:4 CMOS CLOCK Buffered Driver

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What is CLOCK

CLOCK means a part that generates or processes a clock signal in an electronic part.

The clock signal is one of the most important signals in digital circuits.

A clock signal is a signal that specifies when a circuit should operate, and is used to control the speed and synchronization of a circuit's operation.

Clocks have a variety of uses in electronic devices. For example, in a computer, the CPU and other components must be synchronized as they operate, so they generate clock signals on the system bus.

In addition, digital signal processing devices that process digital signals use clock signals to sample digital signals or generate digital signals.

Clocks are classified into different types based on factors such as frequency, duty cycle, rise/fall time, accuracy, and stability.

Therefore, when selecting a clock on an electronic component, it is important to select an appropriate clock that meets the requirements of the circuit in question.

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